selected poems:

"Re: Eros" & "Toska" - American Poetry Review
"Composure"Cosmonauts Avenue
"Aura", "Supplication", & "Today is a Wash Already" - Elderly
"Saturn Return", "Now That I Am In Reykjavik And Can Think", "Magpie" - Mistress
"Alight"Queen Mob's Teahouse
"Q Train Poem" - Sea Foam Mag
"Ace of Cups" - Vagabond City Lit
"Don't Call Me, I'm Practicing for My Threesome"littletell 


12 or 20 questions series, by Rob McLennan
fields magazine, by Amy Saul-Zerby
Five:2:One, by Alex Simand

bedfellows in Boog City (w/ Jackee Sadicario) , by Chris McCreary
bedfellows in Boog City (w/ Jackee Sadicario), by Andrea Rogers


in Ploughshares, by Kimberly Ann Southwick
in Glass Poetry, by John McCracken
in Five:2:Oneby Alex Simand


Writer of the Week - Maudlin House
What Urge Will Save Us - Goodreads